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About Us

We are a Mother & Daughter team who have both grown up on farms all our lives and have a passion for all things natural, from growing our own organic vegetables and healthy wholesome food, to sewing our own clothes because we had a passion for being creative, so this is how the passion for this shop began.

We decided to combine our lifetime of friendship with the knowledge that we have accumulated through our personal lives, to create something that we both felt truly passionate about. After a few glasses of ice cold Kumbucha, and the amazing African summer sun on our faces, "Things We Love" was born. 

Our goal is simple – to ensure beautiful, usable, handcrafted, purely natural products from nature, from us to you.

Our passion translates into a positive working relationship that reflects the true secret to our success. 

What makes us different you ask, well we listen, make an effort to have timely service, have a commitment to excellence, we are concerned, insist on premium quality products and we are happy when you are!

We're a collection of small batch, all natural skin care products, handmade and we believe in natural, ethically produced skincare that works.

Caring for our skins is a much needed daily ritual, for our minds as much as our bodies and simplicity is where it's at.

We are passionate about the healing and restorative powers of natural organic ingredients. Our products are free from harmful and artificial chemicals, in order to ensure that our customer benefits from the best that Mother Nature has to offer without all the harmful extras, whether it be in your leather treatment, beauty or skin care routine. We just keep these principles in mind whilst formulating the best products for you whilst celebrating Africa’s rich and diverse plant life.

Our promise to you is that our products are free from Mineral Oil, Preservatives, Parabens, Artificial Fragrances, Sulfates, Animal Ingredients, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Petroleum, Propylene, Paraffin & Animal Testing

We have a vast range of natural beauty and leather products to nourish and make your skin glow with no preservatives, completely natural and cold pressed. Made from 100% Moringa Oleifera, Rosehip which is extremely sought after, Macadamia oil, Coconut oil, Mango butter, Beeswax as a natural preservative, Activated Charcoal, Turmeric and Diatomaceous earth. Our leather food is also a winner product. All our products are made by hand & with great care, infused with love & positivity. 


With love from Heather & Candice

Liquid Gold

Our natural beauty products are made with 100% Moringa Oleifera to nourish and make your skin glow with no preservatives. These products are rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants. Our beauty products ingredients are completely natural and cold pressed. Made by hand and with great care, infused with love and positivity.

Red Oker

Red Oker is a brand created by Casper Versluis which we love and support. It was born from the ambition to collaborate passions, talents, abilities, experiences and resources to bring about a positive difference in society.

Our ambition is to see the restoration and improvement of every dimension of the people we work with physically, relationally, socially and spiritually.

Red Oker is a vehicle for us to accomplish this aspiration and we hope to establish a model or concept that can be cloned and copied by other individuals that carry a similar sentiment of combining entrepreneurial ventures with social justice.

We have a vast range of exclusive brown leather ladies handbags, purses, clutch bags, travel wallets and tote bags. All our women's bags come in full genuine brown leather and a version of mixed leather and canvas that are in the most amazing colours of navy, dove grey and sand. Don’t forget our range of mens leather wallets and belts as well as unisex travel and gym bags, office work bags and briefcases that can accommodate laptops and documents, designed to be appreciated by anyone from the corporate professional to the outgoing explorer.



Our Product 

 Our full grain bovine cattle leather collections consist of a variety of products to suit your needs. Every item is 100% handmade by skilled and committed craftsmen. Much thought and planning goes into the design of each product to ensure the best possible functionality thereof.

Our merchandise carries and reflects a unique identity through the wonderful character that genuine leather offers. We strive to bring that character to life in every detail of our creations.

We are committed to offering you only the best quality and durability in every product. 



We are passionate about exploring effective methods to bridge the divide between the Private Enterprise, Public and Nonprofit Sectors.

As a small public-goods enterprise, Red Oker serves as an opportunity for us to pursue and develop new channels of diverse sector cooperation. We are enthusiastic about seeing existing manufacturing businesses and industries that are diminishing due to various economical challenges being revived and restored through a transformed approach to manufacturing, marketing and business as a whole.


We believe that every business carries a responsibility to pursue prospects of fighting unemployment. This is to happen through either adapting existing models of operation or creating new opportunities.

A new mindset has to be adapted to fully understand and embrace the significance of this obligation. 


We are fanatical about being creative and are using our love for design and constructing as a platform to build our dream.

The design and manufacturing industry in South Africa carry enormous potential to have for greater recognition than what is currently the case. By effective pursuing these prospects, many desperately needed labour opportunities will be created.


The key to any successful business venture is effective partnerships, collaborations and networking.

We are consistently applying ourselves to explore the benefits of association and rewarding relationships, starting from within our own organization, extending our focus across diverse industries and sectors. 

Hides Of Africa

Highest Quality Nguni, Game & Leather Products & Interior Design. All animal by-products obtained through legitimate culling exercises: We work closely with http://www.kznwildlife.com/ to ensure all products are legal, professional and safe.

Our desire is that every owner of a our leather products will form a special sentimental and emotional bond with that product that will last a lifetime. Every customer that purchases a Liquid Gold product finds joy in using it daily, enjoy the completely natural ingredients, preservative free, sustainably wild harvested and cold pressed. The one-off handmade items are made with great care, infused with love and positivity.